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Key Elements of a Great Stage Design

Being in the Wedding décor industry, we know just how much difference a well thought out Stage Design, makes in an event. It can help the host stand out from the crowd and can be a make or break factor for the Guest’s experience.

The making of stage design will consist of adding various theme based elements in such a way as to make it perfect for the event in terms of effectiveness, aesthetics and practicality. It should be unique and should stand out from the rest of the event space at the same time supporting the rest of the event space in terms of aesthetics and theme considered.

One of the most important things to be considered while designing is the guests, who should be in a position to appreciate the creative and manual effort that has gone into creating the stage design.

The Venue of the event plays a very important part the making of the stage design. Venues may have some rules to be adhered to, some constraints to work around, some special advantages, making it necessary to work creatively to incorporate all that. For example, some venues may not have a good height and the stage design will have to be made keeping that in mind or some venues may have a permanent stage on which we may have to place it.

Some basic principles should be kept in mind while designing a stage. Simplicity is very important in the sense that the various elements used should be in theme and not in conflict with each other. It is also important that all the elements go well with each other and also the overall theme. It is important for everything to be synchronized rather than look like they have thrown together randomly. The elements should look like they belong together.

A good layout is useful in making the most of a stage and influences the design to a very large extent. Movement to and from the stage, the placement of the tables for seating, an aisle if required will all have an important role in the stage design.

Good or bad lighting decides how the stage design finally looks. It can transform a plain canvas into a new environment full of energy and excitement. It can also control the mood of the stage and make a dramatic change to the venue.

Use of technology when needed can create a new and modern look in a design. Neon signages, canvas prints, fog machines etc. can also be used to make the design interesting.

A stage design is what makes an event unique, in terms of how a venue looks and the experience for both the hosts and the guests. It elevates a venue’s overall look and leaves its mark in the form of memories. It is truly in the hands of a designer what is put on a blank stage to make it beautiful and appealing for all!

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