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A traditional Indian wedding is almost incomplete without the Mandap. Mandap is the place where the marriage ceremony takes place. After going around the sacred fire, exchanging garlands, the wedding is sanctified. The main ceremony happens in the Wedding Mandap in the presence of friends and family who share the joy, cast flowers on the couple, offer good wishes and blessings. Do keep in mind that the Mandap decoration should match with the overall décor and theme of the wedding. Listed below are some Mandap decoration ideas for your dream wedding and ‘pheras’.

Wedding Mandaps Decoration Ideas

White Theme Mandap

One way to do up your Wedding Mandap is by incorporating a white colour theme in your Mandap decoration ideas. White mandaps whether using flowers or fine fabrics portray elegance and class.Your Wedding Mandap Designer will help you achieve your dream mandap by curating just the right mandap that suits your personal taste. By adding a dash of bright colour for wedding day and using a combination of luminance with different colours thrown in, for the evening reception.

Water Surrounded Mandap

A modern Wedding Mandap decoration ideas include the coming together of the traditional Indian with modern ideas to create a beautiful piece of art. It could be anything like a mandap surrounded by water or one in the middle of the woods, one with crystals or Customized Fiber Mandaps. The options are endless, if you can get your Wedding Mandap Manufacturer to make one for you.

Foliage and Greenery Mandap

A Wedding Mandap made of foliage and greenery with a lot of flowers is quite popular in mandap decor ideas. This would look beautiful for an outdoor wedding theme that incorporates the natural greenery of the surroundings with additional foliage and flowers. A combination of flowy drapes and flowers combined with green foliage will make for a serene and pleasing sight for an Mandap.

Rustic Mandap

A rustic wedding mandap for weddings can include getting a rustic yet polished character to the mandap. Raw wooden pillars with pampass grass, twigs, rustic colours will make for the most beautiful rustic Mandap for the most important day in a couple’s life.

Open Roof Mandap

Wedding Mandaps without roofs or open mandaps are a rage right now for outdoor weddings. These can be used both for daytime weddings or during nighttime ‘pheras’. For a daytime wedding, it gives the feeling that the sun is the witness to your nuptials and a nighttime ceremony will be a romantic one seemingly attended by the stars and the moon.

Flowers Wedding Mandap

Flowers are considered auspicious and offered during prayers to the deities. These are also used during any auspicious ceremonies like weddings. Mandap decoration can be done predominantly with flowers as per your taste. If you are inclined towards traditional, go for marigold, rajni gandha decoration.

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So, these are some of the Mandaps décor ideas you can implement for your wedding. Just remember that the decoration and theme should be as per your taste and choice. A wedding is a personal and joyous moment; it should be what you want it to be.

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